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About Us

GO2ALtitude EUROPE Ltd and Biomedtech Australia Pty Ltd are quality assured companies that specialise in research, development and manufacturing advanced hypoxicators throughout the world. Under the trade mark of GO2Altitude® we been an innovator in intelligent hypoxicator training systems since 1998.

GO2ALtitude EUROPE Ltd and Biomedtech were established and are run by Mr. Oleg Bassovitch.

Oleg Bassovitch

Oleg has over 20 years of experience in design, research and development and manufacturing of hypoxicators

He obtained his Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Monash University, Melbourne.
Thesis: “Hypoxic Training in Sports and Medicine. Literature Review and Considerations for Equipment Design”, 2000.


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Biomedtech was awarded two Federal Government Research and Development Grants:

Biomedtech invests up to 25% of sales revenue in research of new drug-free technologies for human performance and wellness.


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