Acutely intermittent hypoxia produced substantial enhancement in endurance performance

Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2009 Mar;4(1):68-83.
Cycling performance following adaptation to two protocols of acutely intermittent hypoxia.
Bonetti DL, Hopkins WG, Lowe TE, Boussana A, Kilding AE.
Institute of Sport and Recreation Research, New Zealand School of Sort and Recreation, AUT University, Auckland, NZ.

Compared with control, the combined hypoxic groups showed clear enhancements in peak power (4.7%; 90% confidence limits, +/-3.1%), lactate-profile power (4.4%; +/-3.0%), and heart-rate profile power (6.5%; +/-5.3%) at 3 d postintervention, but at 14 d the effects were unclear.


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