Increased energy and endurance

R.C. wrote

My own experience with IHT has been fantastic. In my late 40s I have achieved a level of fitness I did not enjoy even in my younger days. There are days when I just feel effervescent with energy and can work all day without total fatigue waiting to meet me afterwards.

After a stressful year of drama and tragedy, I found myself a year ago experiencing palpitations on just walking up a small hill. I felt grief at my lost health and resolved to do what I could to regain it. I began a slow and careful exercise program and was gradually building up a program of running and walking, combined with more time spent in relaxation. Even though I was starting to become fitter and the palpitations had gone, I still didn’t have much endurance. However, a few weeks after starting IHT I noticed the same feeling I had experienced after trekking in the Himalayas: a combination of bliss and bouncy, resilient energy. I found for the first time in my life I could run for 30 minutes without stopping and without breathlessness or gasping. I now go out and do this almost every day — because I want to. I feel more confident that I will be able to remain fully functional and vibrant as I get older.

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