Hypoxic training on good old

Hypoxic training on good old

European researchers recently said that older men with lower oxygen if breathing the air a short time can increase aerobic capacity, and motor function, regardless of whether they are suffering from heart disease.

In the Study, Austria Plains Brook University researchers put 16 Interests Sports Of Elderly Men were randomly divided into two groups to participate in hypoxic and normal oxygen levels of exercise training. 8 of them in at least 8 weeks before the study began had had a heart attack. In the three-week course of respiratory training, training five times a week. Each training, the subjects received hypoxic training exercise when the air inhaled is oxygen, the rest through the normal air mask. The control group throughout the training process is normal inhaled air. At the beginning of the end of three days of training before and after the training exercise function test subjects.

Found that hypoxia caused the subjects RBC And hemoglobin levels decreased significantly, while the role of both is to help the blood to carry more oxygen. And according to heart rate and blood pressure changes in subjects, hypoxia training can increase their aerobic capacity and exercise tolerance. The researchers also found that, regardless of whether men with previous heart disease, hypoxia training can produce the same effect.


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