High Performance Equine Hypoxicator

High Performance Equine Hypoxicator

Until recently, training horses at “altitude” in the same way as for humans was impractical.

However, what was once impractical is now a real option for race horse trainers with the advent of Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) or simulated high altitude training.

Simulated high altitude training can vastly improve athletic performance by deliberately inducing hypoxia with the animals body producing more red blood cells, which in turn results in increased oxygen delivery to the tissues such as the heart, lungs and skeletal muscle.

There is no evidence that IHT will enhance the performance of the animal beyond its own genetic potential. But there is evidence that IHT does have a therapeutic role in minimising muscle damage associated with strenuous exercise.

Other applications of IHT include acclimatization of horses for air travel, enhance effects on fertility, and assists with the management of lung disease associated with Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage in horses.

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