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Role of intermittent hypoxia in the treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Summary: Recent research outlines the value of IHT as a therapeutic strategy for the treatment of COPD patients, leading to more efficient ventilation. Additionally, IHT might represent an attractive method to complement the known beneficial effects of exercise training and … Continue reading

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IHT for inflammatory conditions

Rosalba C. wrote In general, IHT contributes to improved immunological status. The occurrence of allergies and inflammatory diseases decreases. This has been observed in continuous exposure to altitude, as well as with IHT. Studies have been able to show improvements … Continue reading

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High altitude for health

Rosalba Courtney wrote: Athletes have known for many years of the benefits of altitude adaptation in enhancing performance. Using the principle of ‘train high and live low’, they have been able to perform better at sea level when their bodies … Continue reading

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