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Acutely intermittent hypoxia produced substantial enhancement in endurance performance

Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2009 Mar;4(1):68-83. Cycling performance following adaptation to two protocols of acutely intermittent hypoxia. Bonetti DL, Hopkins WG, Lowe TE, Boussana A, Kilding AE. Institute of Sport and Recreation Research, New Zealand School of Sort and … Continue reading

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CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS Altitude FULL TEXT: * Physiology Short term physiologic responses to altitude The most immediate response to altitude is the hyperventilation that occurs in response to a decrease in arterial oxygen levels above 2000 meters. And this increased … Continue reading

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Altitude Physiology – full article As altitude increases above sea level, atmospheric (or barometric) pressure drops with a parallel decrease in the amount of oxygen available at the blood/air interface in the lung alveolus. Hypoxia (a low blood oxygen level) … Continue reading

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