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High Altitude Living Reduces Risk of Dying from Heart Conditions: Low O2 Makes Genes Creating new Blood Vessels

ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2011) — Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in partnership with the Harvard School of Global Health have found that people living at higher altitudes have a lower chance of dying from ischemic heart … Continue reading

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Was a blackout to blame for ironman’s drowning?

more reading Shallow water blackout – sometimes called hypoxic blackout – results from an insufficient amount of carbon dioxide to activate the body’s natural impulse to breathe. According to USA-based Aquatic Safety Research Group, by rapidly breathing deeply prior to … Continue reading

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Increased energy and endurance

R.C. wrote My own experience with IHT has been fantastic. In my late 40s I have achieved a level of fitness I did not enjoy even in my younger days. There are days when I just feel effervescent with energy … Continue reading

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Oxidation and aging process

Oxidation and aging process .. arthritis and many more? … Oxidation and aging process health wellness anti ageing age disease chronic treatment therapy new youtube posting.

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Intermittent hypoxia and the practice of anesthesia.

Anesthesiology. 2009 Apr;110(4):922-7. Brown KA. Intermittent hypoxia, a powerful and unique stimulus, leads to physiologic changes that are distinct from those associated with either single or continuous hypoxic exposure.

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Acutely intermittent hypoxia produced substantial enhancement in endurance performance

Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2009 Mar;4(1):68-83. Cycling performance following adaptation to two protocols of acutely intermittent hypoxia. Bonetti DL, Hopkins WG, Lowe TE, Boussana A, Kilding AE. Institute of Sport and Recreation Research, New Zealand School of Sort and … Continue reading

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A good Article on Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (or Therapy) (IHT) is a non-invasive, drug-free technique aiming to improve human performance and well-being using the phenomena of adaptation to reduced oxygen. An IHT session constitutes a few minutes interval of breathing low oxygen (hypoxic) air … Continue reading

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