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VO2 responses to intermittent swimming sets at velocity associated with VO2max

Authors: Sebastien Libicz, Belle Roels, Gregoire P Millet Impact factor: 1.3, Cited half life: 5.8 Journal: Canadian journal of applied physiology = Revue canadienne de physiologie appliquée While the physiological adaptations following endurance training are relatively well understood, in swimming … Continue reading

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The Research on Hilo’s Influnce on the Dynamic Change of Male Rats’ Synthase Activities of Myocardial Energy Metabolism

Object: The hypoxic training methods are widely studied since 1968. But different training styles may cause different results.Heart is an important part of kinetic system. Hypoxia acclimatization,especially under the process of exercise could lead lots of physiological changes that propitious … Continue reading

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