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  • Duration

  • Timing

  • Exposure

By varying one or all three components during IHT, one can target an optimal result. The advantages of fully biofeedback controlled hypoxicators over other methods and equipment of simulated altitude training are obvious:

  • The training “dosage” is easy to monitor and controls using the supplied pulse
    oximeter – optimising your training is easy.

  • Avoidance of over- or under-training by means of close monitoring of your individual
    response and your active involvement into the training session(s).

  • Your sleep is not sacrificed, in fact the quality of your sleep will most likely
    improve as noticed by the majority of GO2Altitude® users.

  • The training session is relatively short – the extreme altitudes simulated by GO2Altitude®
    hypoxicators provide the correct exposure.

  • Many people can use the same hypoxicator during the day – hence lesser capital cost per user.

  • Suitable for both individual use at home and for a whole team training.

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