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Professional Systems:  2-, 3-, 4 - or 5-Person Hypoxicator systems Vital Air

Special features:

  • Easy and pleasant to use for both operator and the client. Touch screen interface.

  • Optimal training is achieved via unique Hypoxic Training index (HTi).

  • FULLY AUTOMATED BIOFEEDBACK CONTROL. World-first feature! Dial in target SpO2 and the system will vary FiO2 automatically .
  • Automated hypoxic test instantly creates an optimal user profile and training course. 

  • Oxygen is supplied during rest intervals via the same breathing mask.

  • Entertainment built-into the system. Instant printouts of results and user's profile.

  • User is "remembered" and welcomed by the system on every station.

  • Great for commercial use: clinic, rehab centre, personal studio.

Consider that our equipment is:

2 times Lighter
2 times Quieter
2 times Smaller
2 times more affordable than closest competition

Technical Specification
Variation of Simulated Altitude / O2 concentration: 9 - 15% +-0.5% (to simulate altitude of 2,700m - 6,500m)
Training Modes: 1. Fixed Altitude. Automated and accurate O2%.
2. Fully automated biofeedback control.
    Targeting desired arterial oxygen

3. Automated hypoxic test to establish an individual     profile and select optimal treatment regime.
4. Hyperoxic (high oxygen) recovery during
    rest period.

Programs of training: Unlimited variety. Optimal training is suggested by the system.
Session duration: Typically 45-60 min.
Warranty: 12 months comprehensive (return to base). Regular maintenance is not required. No gas bottles to supply.

(W x D x H):

Panel PC touch-screen: 400 x 450 x 150 mm

Hypoxicator station: 270 x 350 x 100 mm

ERA® - M4 hypoxic/ hyperoxic air generator:

250 x 1000 x 500 mm

Weight: from 90 kg / 200 lb
Power: 115V or 230V versions available
Price: Contact us for pricing in the desired configuration.
Special features: Your own onsite hypoxic / hyperoxic air generator.  Running cost: electricity.
Who should use it: Ideal for commercial use. Professional sports team, clinic, rehab centre, personal fitness studio. Up-market system for up-market user.


Certified to IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical safety standard

EMC Compliance IEC 60601-1-2:2007 (Certificates available)




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