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Professional Systems:  HIGH PERFORMANCE Hypoxicator

Special features:

  • Easy and pleasant to use for both operator and the client. Touch screen interface.

  • Optimal training is achieved via unique Hypoxic Training index (HTi).


  • IHT with hyperoxic recovery (Also known as IHHT), Patent US2006185669

  • Variety of simulated altitudes: just dial-in and forget.    

  • Entertainment built-into the system. Instant printouts of results and user's profile.

  • User is "remembered" and welcomed by the system on every station.

  • Great for commercial use: professional team, gym, personal studio, rehab center.

Technical Specification
Variation of Simulated Altitude / O2 concentration: 15% ... 12% (±0.5% increments)

to simulate altitude of 2,500m 4,500m

Training Modes: 1. Fixed Altitude. Automated and accurate O2%.
2. Fully automated biofeedback control.
   Targeting desired arterial oxygen
Programs of training: Unlimited variety. Choices between constant or intermittent hypoxic training regimes.
Session duration: Typically 20-30 min.
Warranty: 12 months comprehensive (parts and labor). Regular maintenance is not required. No gases to supply.

(W x D x H):

Panel PC touch-screen: 400 x 450 mm

Hypoxicator: 430 x 480 x 1150 mm

Weight: from 60 kg / 125 lb
Power: 115V or 230V versions available
Price: Contact us for pricing in the desired destination.
Special features: Extra quiet operation. Suitable for sub maximal exercise (up to 180LPM peak demand).
Who should use it: Ideal for commercial use. Professional sports team, clinic, rehab centre, personal fitness studio. Up-market system for up-market user.

Certified to IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical safety standard

EMC Compliance IEC 60601-1-2:2007 (Certificates available)




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Hypoxic Training

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